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International competition “Golden Easel 2017” wants to find out the rating of creative works, which the participants from different Ukrainian regions have made. For this aim electronic voting has been created.

The creative work of the participants of the International competition “Golden Easel 2017” will be:

  1. Exhibited from January 1, 2017 to May 25, 2018, at traveling exhibitions in museums and galleries of Ukraine (exhibitors will receive gifts as a result of exhibitions)
  2. Published on the pages of the All-Ukrainian educational and art journal "Artclass" in 2018 (subscription to the magazine “Artclass” can be arranged on the site presa.ua or in the offices of Ukrposhta. Subscription code 09636)

Note: 20 participants whose work will receive the highest rating (according to the results of the electronic voting and jury) will become finalists of the International competition “Golden Easel 2017”. It will be held on the 28-29 of May 2018 at the Andrey Shetytsky's national museum in Lviv. As a result of the final, the winners will receive Grand Prix – a golden easel from the noble metal with diamond and personal certificates for traveling abroad.


Voting rules

1. You can vote for one or more pictures in each category

  • age category 5-10 years
  • age category 11-13 years
  • age category 14-17 years

2. You can vote for one picture only 1 time
3. For voting you need to

  • select the picture by clicking the mouse – an enlarged image of the picture will open
  • click on the Vote! button below the picture

4. You can't cancel your vote if it has already been submitted for a picture
5. You can share links with your favorite pictures through social networks and attract your friends to vote.
6. You can always go to the general painting list – using the All Works menu item
7. You can sort out pictures by parameters

  • most voted
  • least voted

9. You can find your picture by surname. If you have not found a picture

  • try to find your surname by the first letters
  • look over All Works

9. All questions regarding the competition you can send on e-mail