Summer plein airs, 1st arrival

from 1 to 7 June 2018

31 May or 1 June

  • Arrival to Lviv (after a prior consent)
  • Check-in


1 June

8:00–9:30 St. George’s Square in Lviv

  • Registration
  • Introduction to the program and a personal curator (curators can speak Polish, Czech, German, Italian, Russian, Ukranian)


10:00–11:00  St. George’s Cathedral

The blessed prayer for the gift of life and peace in Ukraine will be conducted by Archbishop of Lviv Metropolitan Igor (Vozniak)


11:15–11:45  St. Yura in Lviv – Palace of Arts (Kopernika St., 17)

Metropolitan Igor (Vozniak) will head the spiritual and artistic forgiveness


The Holiday of children’s creativity in Lviv (the Lviv Palace of Arts, 17 Kopernyka St.)

12:00 – Opening of monumental compositions “Angels prayer for Ukrainians”

  • Blessing from the Bishop
  • Congratulations to the participants of the Organizing Committee

12:30 – Awarding the finalists and the Grand Final participants of ‘Golden Easel’ in 2017,

giving Grand Prix (golden easels), diplomas, etc


13:00 – 14:00  – Lunch


14:15 – Participation in the plein air on the theme ‘The artistic language of Ukrainian children and children around the world’


14:15–17:45 – ‘Maestro and children’ – experienced teachers’ presentations. Innovative workshops for each participant according to the program given on registration

17:45 – Time for informal communication

18:00 – Excursions around evening Lviv, musical and theatrical evenings


2–6 June

  • Plein airs in Lviv and Lviv region picturesque corners (Krekhiv, Univ monasteries), planned for each participant, according to the personal program.
  • Master classes on June 1 2018 at the Palace of the Arts are free of charge for participants. Additional master classes will be held at the Palace of Arts and within the workshops of Lviv, according to the records, at the request of the participants.
    The cost of additional master classes (1 EUROS = ~32 UAH):
    – Iconography (100.00 UAH)
    – Painting (50.00 UAH)
    – Pottery (80.00 UAH)
    – Embroidery (80.00 UAH)
    – The painting of Easter eggs with an electric writer (80.00 UAH)


6 June – transfer the creative works to the curator and then to juries for consideration


6–7 June – Departure